What I need to become a Known Shipper

Alaska Air Cargo's Known Shipper program allows shippers to transport their own goods on Alaska Airlines and Horizon Air. If approved, your Known status is valid for one year from the date of approval, and must be renewed annually to continue shipping as a Known Shipper.

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Becoming Known Under the Alaska Air Cargo Known Shipper Program

Shippers who wish to become Known must complete our TSA approved vetting process. Approval of Known Shipper applications require a number of steps, and will take a minimum of one week to complete. Some applications may take several weeks to be approved. Application times depend heavily on how quickly we receive the required documents.

Here are the steps you will follow to complete the processing of your known shipper application

1. Submit an application online or by phone 2. Complete and sign the Known Shipper Contract 3. Provide a proof of address document 4. Complete the physical site verification visit 5. Renew your Known Shipper status annually
*Note: The Known Shipper program is not the same program as the TSA Known Travelor program for individual passengers, and statuses do not extend to one another. TSA does not have a Known Shipper application process, and Known status under TSA is based on TSA's assessments not accessible by the public. We will check your status with TSA upon receipt of your application. If you are Known under TSA, we will notify you. Unless you are notified, you must continue with the application process.

Known Shipper for Businesses

Business are often already recognized by the TSA as Known. Your business may qualify for an expedited Known Shipper application process if we can determine that your company is recognized by the TSA as Known.

Steps for becoming a Known Shipper as a business

Submit your application online or over the phone
  • Once your application is received, we will contact the TSA to determine if you are Known under TSA
  • TSA does not have a process or application to be Known. Known and Unknown statuses provided based on TSA's internal assessments are not accessible by the public
If you are Known by TSA
  • We will contact you with an update of your status
  • You will be provided a unique Customer Identification Number (CID) to book all of your shipments with
  • You may start shipping as soon the status is reflected in our systems (typically 1-2 hours after confirmation)
  • Annual renewal of your status is not required
If you are Unknown by TSA
  • You have the option for Alaska Air Cargo to appeal the TSA status on behalf of your business
    • If you choose to appeal, a representative from the TSA will contact you
    • It may take several weeks to receive a response from TSA.
    • We will notifiy you if your status by the TSA is updated to Known
    • If TSA does not update your business status to Known, we will contact you to discuss your next steps
  • You have the option of becoming Known under the Alaska Cargo Known Shipper Program
    • You may apply to be Known under the Alaska Cargo Known Shipper program AND have an active appeal for your status with the TSA
    • If TSA updates your status to Known while your application under our program is being processed, we will update your status to Known by TSA and notify you
    • If you are Known under our program, and TSA updates your status to Known, we update your status to Known by TSA and notify you
    • You will be required renew your Known Shipper status if you are Known under our Known Shipper Program

IACs and CCSFs
TSA provides IAC and CCSF statuses to Alaska Air Cargo directly. If you have questions or concerns regarding your IAC or CCSF status, please contact us directly. 

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