Individual Known Shipper Approval

Why Get Approved?

Alaska Air Cargo's Known Shipper program allows shippers to transport their own goods on Alaska Airlines and Horizon Air. If approved, your Known status is valid for one year from the date of approval, and must be renewed annually to continue shipping as a Known Shipper.


Shippers who wish to become Known must complete our TSA approved vetting process. Approval of Known Shipper applications require a number of steps, and will take a minimum of one week to complete. Some applications may take several weeks to be approved. Application times depend heavily on how quickly we receive the required documents.

Individual Known Shipper

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Already a Known Shipper?

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Known Shipper Application Steps

Here are the steps you will follow to complete the processing of your known shipper application

1. Submit an application online or by phone

  • Applicants who wish to apply online may do so here
  • Applicants who wish to apply by phone may call 800-225-2752, option 4
  • You will not receive a customer identification number until your application has been completed

2. Complete and sign the Known Shipper Contract

  • Once we receive your application, we will email or mail a blank Known Shipper contract to complete, sign and return to us
  • The contract must contain an original signature. We will not accept electronic signatures of any form

3. Provide a proof of address document

  • Your proof of address document may be a monthly recurring bill such as a utility bill, or a mortgage statement
  • Your document must contain the name and address provided on the application and contract
  • The name and address on your document must match the name and address EXACTLY as provided on your contract and application
  • Documents such as medical bills, solicitations, or credit card applications/offers may not be accepted
  • Please contact our known shipper department at 800-225-2752, option 4 if you would like to confirm if the document you have to provide is acceptable

4. Complete the physical site verification visit

  • An in person site visit at the physical address provided on your application and contract is required
  • Site visits are performed by our authorized representative. Fees apply. Please call 800-225-2752, option 4 for more information on scheduling your physical site verification
  • Our representative will provide and complete the required Site Verification form
  • The Known Shipper applicant must be present with acceptable identification at the time of the visit

5. Renew your Known Shipper status annually

  • Your Known status expires one year from the date of approval
  • Annual site visits by our authorized representative are required to maintain your Known Shipper status (fees apply)
  • To avoid interuption in your ability to ship, complete your annual site visit prior to the Known status expiration date
  • If your name or physical address has changed, a new application is required
  • If you decide not to renew, your Known status will automatically expire, and no further action is needed