General Air Freight

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General Air Freight is our lowest cost shipping service

General air freight is ideal for customers who don’t have time-sensitive shipments and can wait for available space. General shipments may be a single package or several. The maximum weight for each piece is 300 pounds. Dimension restrictions also apply according to aircraft type.
Shipments are targeted to arrive within 72 hours of acceptance. Goods are available for pickup two hours after flight arrival on passenger aircraft and within four hours of flight arrival on freighter flights. General freight must be accepted at the cargo facility at least two hours prior to scheduled departure or four hours prior for dangerous goods shipments or cargo flying on freighter aircraft.
General freight is not guaranteed and travels on a space available basis. For more urgent or valuable cargo, we recommend considering Priority or GoldStreak for your shipping needs, both of which come with a guarantee.
Our lowest cost shipping option, General Air Freight is ideal for customers who don't have time-sensitive shipments and can wait for available space with no firm delivery commitment.