ULD cargo containers with ramp service agent.

Become a Known Shipper


Unless you are shipping entirely within the state of Alaska, the TSA requires customers to be a Known Shipper.

The process requires you to complete the application found on our online booking site and once/if approved, and a site visit completed, acts as a shipping contract between the airline and the shipper.

If you are already registered for online booking, but are not yet a Known Shipper:

  • Log in and navigate to your profile page.
  • Click "update," and select the option to become a Known Shipper.

If you have not yet registered for online booking:

  • Click the New User link to the right to begin the process
  • Fill out the form completely.
  • Allow two to four weeks for processing unless you are a registered IAC carrier.
  • If conditionally approved, applicants are required to have a site verification completed and cover associated fees to become a Known Shipper.

Note: Before either process above, please ensure your browser allows pop-ups.

It is vital that you provide the TSA with accurate
information and to complete the application in full.
This application is required for all businesses,
sole proprietors or individuals shipping with us.