Regularly scheduled flights to 20 Alaska communities

When you need crucial shipments delivered on-time in Alaska, you can count on us. As the largest scheduled cargo carrier in Alaska*, we're committed to reliable year-round service. Some carriers don't leave until their cargo holds are full. We go when the schedule says go because we understand the importance of what you're shipping.

We keep Alaska business going too. If you need to get a circuit board from Jacksonville to Juneau, we can make it happen. Our GoldStreak Package Express service provides seamless same or next day service.

  • Connecting Alaska industry to 100+ destinations in North America
  • Competitive pricing and service levels
  • Expert, caring cargo team
  • Dedicated to Alaska since 1932

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Why Alaska?

No one knows more about cargo or cares more about your shipments than Alaska Air Cargo. You have several options to get your cargo where it needs to be, on time and in excellent condition.   

*Compared to other airlines, based on full-year schedule.

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