Shipping Seafood

Our seafood experience spans over eight decades, particularly serving the seafood capital of North America - the state of Alaska. We ship millions of pounds of seafood not only from Alaska, but between the coasts and from Hawai'i and are unrelentingly committed to delivering fresh seafood products for our customers.

Our familiarity with commercial fishing and small producers provides us the knowledge to treat your seafood with the utmost care from the water to the plate, where it ultimately is headed.


To maximize freshness and quality, products must be able to withstand a minimum of 48 hours without refrigeration. To achieve the best destination temperature, we advise freezing or chilling seafood thoroughly before packaging.

Labeling and Marking

All containers of seafood and wildlife (including shellfish) being shipped interstate must be marked according to the 1988 Lacey Act. A Fish/Wildlife sticker may be used by the shipper to provide required information. The following six items are to be prominently displayed on each shipment:

Weight Limitations

Generally, seafood shipments are limited to a maximum of 100 lbs. per piece.


Facility Information

With seafood and shellfish, maintaining quality and freshness is critical. We have coolers and freezers at most of our facilities. We’ll make every effort to store perishable shipments in coolers or freezers while awaiting recovery, but please remember to package products to withstand 48 hours without refrigeration as space can be limited.

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You must be a Known Shipper to ship seafood.  

We do not assume financial liability for spoilage, thawing or freezing due to delays in transit, unless there is clear evidence of mishandling or negligence.