Submit Your Known Shipper Application

You may submit your Known Shipper application online or over the phone with an Alaska Air Cargo Known Shipper Representative at 800-225-2752, option 4. If you choose to submit online, you must first create an online user account. Follow the steps below to ensure your application is submitted successfully.

For more information about becoming a Known Shipper and deciding if Known Shipper status is right for you, please visit our Known Shipper benefits page.

Already a Known Shipper? Log in to book online or manage your online bookings. You may also log in to book as an uknown shipper if you are booking shipments under one of our exceptions.

Ready to Apply?

If becoming a Known Shipper fits your needs. Please submit your your application. We look forward to serving you. *Ensure pop-ups are enabled.

Steps to submit your application online

Once you submit your online user account request and application, you will receive an approval email for your online user account creation (this is not an approval of the Known Shipper application).

An Alaska Air Cargo Known Shipper representative will contact you at the email provided with the next steps for your Known Shipper application. Unless it is a shipment under one of our exceptions, shippers may not tender their shipments until the Known Shipper application is approved. To learn more about the Known Shipper application process, please visit our Known Shipper Process page.