How To Ship

Shipping is easy with Alaska Air Cargo. Just follow these steps to start moving your cargo with us.

Pet Shippers

The process for shipping pets is different. Please visit our How to Transport Your Pet page for more details.

1. Confirm Your Eligibility to Ship

Shipment requirements can vary due to the type of items you have and where you ship them. Please review the following information to ensure you are eligible to ship on a passenger carrier.

  • City Locations: Confirm Alaska Air Cargo ​offers cargo services in the locations you want to move shipments between. Check out our list of cities for more detailed information.
  • Known Shipper: The TSA requires every customer to be a Known Shipper. For more information about becoming a Known Shipper or to apply, visit our Known Shipper page.
  • Special Handling Items: Some items have special packaging requirements or might not be allowed to ship. Please visit our What We Ship pages to ensure your shipment is eligible.

2. Review Our Shipping Services

Whether you need low-cost or time-sensitive guaranteed options, we have you covered.

3. Check Schedules and Pricing

Quickly find flight times and estimate pricing.

4. Book Your Shipment

Please have the following information ready before you book:

  • Departure and arrival locations
  • The total number of packages being shipped
  • The weight of each package (lbs.)
  • Dimensions of each package (L x W x H)
  • Shipping service
  • Customer ID number
  • The name of who will be dropping off and picking up the shipment
  • A phone number to call when the shipment arrives
  • Any special handling needs (ex. - whether it need to be cooled or frozen)
  • The commodity type (if applicable)

NOTE: Pet Connect shipments, Live Animals (AVI), Human Remains and all Interline shipments with partner airlines must be booked through our Cargo Call Center.

5. Drop Off Your Shipment

Bring your shipment to your local Alaska Air Cargo facility.

Please present:

  • A government-issued I.D.
  • An air waybill number

Shipments must be tendered at least 60 minutes in advance for GoldStreak and two hours in advance for Priority Air Freight.

6. Track Your Shipment

Track your shipment online. Have your air waybill number ready and see the status of your shipment.

Sign up for email notifications
Receive email notification with tracking information about your shipment. Update or add shipment notification emails from the customer portal and directly within your Air Waybill.